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Blanchard sull’Anti-Blanchard

Edward Elgar Publishing (forthcoming)

Ringraziamo Olivier Blanchard per aver gentilmente accolto la sfida lanciata dal nostro libretto, in vendita da settembre 2018/ We would like to thank Olivier Blanchard for having kindly welcomed the challenge set out by our little textbook, for sale by September 2018: “Anti Blanchard Macroeconomics”, by Emiliano Brancaccio with Andrea Califano (Edward Elgar Publishing, UK and US)



“When Emiliano asked me to endorse `Anti Blanchard Macroeconomics’, I was a bit taken aback. You can guess why. But I agree with him that we should always question our assumptions, confront them to the facts, and be open to change if the facts dictate it.  Questions such as whether we can expect the economy to return to health by itself, whether recessions have permanent adverse effects, whether the interest rate channel of monetary policy works, are essential ones.  For the time being, I stand by the conclusions of my textbook, but I am happy and indeed eager to see them challenged.”

                                            Olivier Blanchard